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16 May
Various Parameter Standards for Hotel Lighting LED Lamp
LED hotel lighting design, in the selection and lighting design of LED lamps, should combine the various parameters of the lamps according to the characteristics of the hotel light environment for appropriate configuration. The design of color temperature, illumination, lumens, color rendering index, and light distribution should all be based on the actual space and its functional requirements.
Installation of the LED Inground Light
LED inground lights benefit from easy inground installation. A new product of landscape decorative lighting, this easy to install LED product is made using die-casting aluminum spraying, stainless steel panels. With super pressure resistance screws and panels made of stainless steel, they are waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosive.
Characteristics and Maintenance Methods of LED Inground Light
LED inground light has a strong and durable body made of copper or stainless steel with excellent heat dissipation and waterproofing capabilities. It can often be found in outdoor landscape lighting projects. So, what is LED inground light and what is its characteristics? What are the common maintenance methods for LED inground light?
The Application of Linear Lights in Hotel Lighting Design
In hotel lighting design, more and more lighting designers began to use linear elements and linear lights inside various lighting scenes, which has enabled a true transformation of lighting schemes. It can not only ensure the basic lighting for the scene, but also highlight the unique charm of a hotel space.
Linear Lights Are Used in Hotel Lighting in a Clever Way to Create the Unique Light and Shadow Charm
In the hotel lighting design, the illumination from linear lighting is very uniform, bright and not dazzling, light and nimble, with no danger of overpowering the guests. Whetherin the hotel’s private space or public space, wall or ground, it can enrich the context, create the visual effect of light and dark contrast, blend between reality and virtuality, and at the same time adapt to each area to play different functions.
Reconstructing Spatial Design and Expression: the Linear Light
It is common for point, line and surface' to be seen as the basic elements of graphic design or space design. In terms of lamps and lanterns, downlights, spotlights, track lights and other light types are categorized as "points". Meanwhile. soft strips, hard strips and other linear lights are categorized as "lines", and panel lights and ceiling soft film are fall under "surfaces".
The Application of Indoor LED Strip Light in Hotel Lighting
Indoor LED strip lights are popular as although the effect is simple, it can complete the design of a variety of hotel environments by creating a soft, warm and romantic atmosphere. It not only increases the sense of depth of the hotel environment, but creates a better lighting atmosphere, so that the space appears elegant and light.
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