Installation of the LED Inground Light
Published Date: 16 May, 2023

LED inground lights benefit from easy inground installation.  A new product of landscape decorative lighting, this easy to install LED product is made using die-casting aluminum spraying, stainless steel panels. With super pressure resistance screws and panels  made of stainless steel,   they are waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosive.


How best to install the LED inground lights? Throughout this document we  introduce the installation method of inground lights and the installation precautions.

What is inground light?

Inground lights are widely used in the field of science and technology lighting, because they are easily buried into the ground for lighting and thus are named inground lights.

·         Voltage: 12V-2V;

·         Power: 1-36W;

·         Protection level: IP6.5;

·         Control mode: internal control, external control, DMX512 control are available;


Light source: There are two kinds of ordinary light source and LED light source, high-power LED light source and low-power LED light source is generally monochromatic, the light body is generally round, square, arc, LED light source color is more brilliant and colorful.

Inground lights, like linear inground light, are widely used in plazas, restaurants, private villas, gardens, conference rooms, exhibition halls, community landscaping, stage bars, shopping malls, parking sculptures, tourist attractions and other places such as lighting decoration.

Installation of LED inground light

Preparation work required before installation

·         Prepare the parts and tools needed.

·         The power must be turned  off before installation.

·         Dig pre-buried holes first in accordance with the size of the outer diameter of the pre-buried parts, and then fixing them with concrete.

·         Please note that the main wire diameter must be larger than the wire diameter of the lamps.


Installation process

·         After the pre-buried parts are fixed, the input wires of the inground lights are connected with external wires, (phase, zero and ground wires are connected and waterproofed).

·         Use screws to fix the light body assembly with the pre-buried parts.

·         Then use the screws to fix the surface cover plate tightly on the light body assembly.

·         After making sure the above operation is correct, turn back on the power.

Installation important information for  inground lights

·         Before the installation of LED inground lights commences, the power must be turned  off. This is the first step in the installation of all electrical equipment andis the basis for safe operation.

·         Before the installation of LED inground lights, such as led inground uplight, locate and sort the various parts used in the lamps and lanterns. LED inground lights are underground special landscape LED lamps and lanterns,  Preparation is key to ensure the initial installation is correct.

·         Before installation, in accordance with the shape of the size of the pre-buried parts  dig the correct hole, and then  add concrete . The pre-buried parts play a role in isolating the body of the LED inground lights from the soil, which can ensure the service life of the LED inground lights.

·         Before the installation of LED inground lights, you should provide yourself with an IP67 or IP68 wiring device for connecting the external power input to the power line of the light body. And the power cord of LED inground lights requires the use of waterproof power cord certified by VDE to ensure the service life of LED inground lights.


 For further information on the installation of inground lights or for general information on our products please contact us directly.

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