Various Parameter Standards for Hotel Lighting LED Lamp
Published Date: 16 May, 2023

LED hotel lighting design, in the selection and lighting design of LED lamps, should combine the various parameters of the lamps according to the characteristics of the hotel light environment for appropriate configuration. The design of color temperature, illumination, lumens, color rendering index, and light distribution should all be based on the actual space and its functional requirements.


So, in the hotel lighting construction process, what standard values should the lighting parameters of different spaces take?

Hotel lighting LED lamp color temperature selection

For hotels, the main purpose is to serve as a transit station for business and travel, and as a temporary rest place, so generally, the color temperature requirements of hotel lighting fittings will focus more on highlighting comfortable and warm colors.


Generally, hotel lighting spaces often use warm white/warm yellow LED lamps of around 2700K-3000K, except for in bathrooms and office areas, which use positive white or cool white light of 3500K or above. The light colors of other spaces are more focused on highlighting comfort and warmth to set an certain ambience.


Hotel lighting LED lamp color rendering index

The color rendering index is 14 colors R1-R14 defined by CIE (International Lighting Commission). Of these, R1-R8 are called typical color rendering indices. The average value of these eight typical color rendering indices is the Ra, which is the average color rendering index.


For five-star hotels, a color rendering index Ra > 90 is the basic requirement for all hotel space lighting lamps. The CRI color rendering index of AERO LIGHT reaches 90+. This is the basic standard for all AERO products. At Aero we also select a 2-step single standard color tolerance to ensure the consistency of the overall light color temperature, with Ra90+ to restore the true colors , showing more texture and detail within the light effect. 

Illuminance requirements of different functional spaces in hotel lighting

For entrance and lobby lighting, the design illuminance should reach 500Lux on the horizontal plane 1m above the ground. The service desk illumination requirement: generally takes 750-1000Lux.


The illumination requirement for the guest rest area is generally 300-500Lux. The illumination of Chinese-style restaurant lighting is generally 200Lux, and the illumination of Western-style restaurant lighting is generally 50-100Lux.  Illumination requirements of a  guest room are generally based on 50-100Lux, but sufficient illumination should be provided for localised lighting, such as the lighting in front of the dressing mirror and the reading lighting next to the bed, and the illuminance value of these areas can be set to 300Lux.

About the light distribution standard of LED hotel lighting

For different functional areas in a hotel, there are requirements for light distribution curve parameters such as light intensity distribution, central light intensity, and half-light intensity.


In general, the lobby height of the hotel is very high. For spaces with a height of more than 6 meters, a too-large beam angle will cause insufficient ground light intensity. For spaces such as guest rooms, if the beam angle is too narrow, it will cause the ground to be too bright and the vertical surface to be insufficiently illuminated. If the height is more than 6m, AERO-beam LED hotel lighting lamps, like linear spot light, are suitable, providing continuous and uniform brightness.


For example, if the distance is 6m, the central light intensity of its light distribution curve should not be less than 500cd at a height of 1m above the ground. If the height is not more than 6m, a strip or surface illuminator can be considered.


AERO LIGHT focuses on providing services for five-star hotels. The lamp product range is complete and diverse, covering the conventional lighting lamp needs of different areas, spaces, and scenes of five-star hotels. The product design is simple and can maintain light color consistency perfectly, creating a comfortable and appropriate light environment in hotel rooms.  Contact us for more information on how our products are the most suitable lighting solution.


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