Auto Tracking Light

An innovative solution for hotel ballrooms
we are proud to launched the Auto Tracking Light (ATL). It is an innovative solution for hotel ballrooms, multifunction halls and even restaurants. Light focusing and scene set up becomes easy, flexible, and efficient.
Simple yet powerful
Multiple Control Access
ATL, offers a solution, combining motorized lighting, IPS light focusing (Auto Tracking), dimming control and lighting scene setting in one single system. Aero ATL has 3 ways of controls that turns complicated lighting commissioning to an easy and efficient experience. With our innovative ATL solution, hoteliers could enhance their ballroom service by offer more event lighting scene to cater to end clients' requirements.
Light Tracker
Simply placed the ATL Light Tracker on the table that need to be illuminated, the selected ATL fixture will auto focus on it. Anyone can complete a table focusing task in 10 seconds. All you need is 3 steps, even if you are using our ATL tracker for the first time. Increasing the efficiency of setting up the lightings.
Aero Light Control APP

Visualized User Interface

Control of lights pan angle can be adjusted individually or by group

APP can preset over 100 lighting scene

Saved lighting scenes can be synchronizedto wall keypad or the light tracker

Fix Beam: 6°/8°/15°/24°/36°°
Adjustable Beam: 24°-50°

Mono CCT: 2700K/3000K/4000K
Turnable White: 1800K~4000K

0-100% smooth dimming

Tiling: 0~35°
Rotationg: 0~360°

Lighting scenes are essential for hotel ballrooms
Lighting scene setting are essential for hotel ballrooms. Event preparation time can be cut down if the ballroom is equipped with ATL. Which means, hotels are able to have more event sales.
Turn on
Turn off
Mini Banquet
Grand Ballroom
Meeting 1
Meeting 2
Keypad on wall
No additional wiring needed for the lighting point. Lighting scenes can be controlled by iPad APP or wall keypad by a click.
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