The Application of Linear Lights in Hotel Lighting Design
Published Date: 15 Mar, 2023

With the continuous improvement of LED technology, the function and performance of linear lights are constantly being improved. Now, linear lights are no longer only used in offices, and designers apply it to high-end commercial space, hotel space and other environments, which  constructs different light and shadow effects.

In  hotel lighting design, more and more lighting designers began to use linear elements and linear lights inside various lighting scenes,  which has enabled a true transformation of lighting schemes. It can not only ensure the basic lighting for the scene, but also highlight the unique charm of a hotel space. Next, we will talk about the application of linear lights in hotel lighting design.

1. Application in hotel lobby scene

With light as a tool, it can outline an appropriately lighted and textured space in hotel lobby, which is the increasingly popular trend. Linear lights, with its beautiful appearance, strong customization, flexible installation, energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages, have become an important means to achieve the effect of "seeing the light but not lamp".

2. Application in aisle space scene

Through clever light and shadow changes, light and dark contrast, line outline, indoor led linear light can make the entire aisle space full of fun and vitality, bringing excellent visual effects.

3. Application in stairwell scene

In the stairwell, especially a spiral staircase, lighting designers often outline the space through linear lights, which enriches the spatial context while also creating a visual sense of light and dark levels, contrast between reality and virtuality.

4. Application in hotel room scene

With the evolution of technology and shape, linear lamps and lanterns have been constantly improved and enriched. When people use LED strip mini, the diffused reflection of light through the floor or mirror ensures the lighting function and atmosphere effect in the entire room area can be presented at the same time.

5. Application in hotel cabinet scene

In bookcases, closets, wine cabinets and other locations, it  not only meets the lighting function and ignites the whole space atmosphere, linear lighting  also seizes people's visual focus, and create a light, dynamic and exquisite style of space context.

6. Art effect of linear light fixtures

Adding to all of the above, linear lighting can be used as art installations and lamps. The combination of meticulous and uniform light in the space can be freely changed, bringing the basic lighting effect and showing a huge artistic impact.

Focusing on five-star hotel lighting, AERO Lights offer a variety of linear light products with different color temperatures, shapes and sizes, and provides a wealth of installation accessories, light strips and belts with customized lengths and other personalized services to better meet the application needs of the hotel space. Please  contact us at any time to discuss this further.

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