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Passionate for Hospitality Lighting
Aero Light, founded in 2006, is a lighting brand that specializes in five-star hotel lighting and owns the top and the most standardized production scale in lighting industry. Aero Light pioneered its own brand (:Aero). With the strong research and development capability, mature product chain, efficient production capacity and professional on-site service, Aero has always remained a leading brand in the five-star hotel lighting industry.
Start of Aero
With light, everything grows. With passion for light, life is more beautiful. In the past decade, 200 five-star luxury hotels have been equipped with Aero products. This is Aero, passionate for hospitality lighting.
Why Aero Light?
Provide five-star service for five-star hotels
For Hospitality Lighting Only
Hotel Projects Worldwide
Strong Research &
Development Capability

Since the establishment, Aero has always persisted with independent research and development strategy, and has been awarded many product patents. With a sound quality control system in every production process, including product design, molding, accessories production, product assembly and more, every product of Aero can achieve the best quality in the mechanical, optical and driver systems. Full range of products with flexible customization ability enable us to fulfill the lighting requirement in various applications.

Research & Development Capability of Aerolight
Research & Development Capability of Aerolight
Mature Marketing System

Aero Light has a comprehensive marketing network and service system. The headquarter of Aero is in Guangzhou, China. Aero also has seven other branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Haikou, Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore. To exceed client's expectations, Aero is making every endeavour in product design, project solution, site service, after-sales service and so on.

High Quality Products
& Professional Services

“We are what we produce” is the slogan and belief behind Aero’s product designing. To serve for Hospitality lighting, Aero provides all range of lighting products, indoor, outdoor, and even underwater. Aero’s professional site service and technical supports ensure issues are solved timely and efficiently. All our products are specially designed for hospitality thus all Aero’s products are equipped with excellent glaring control, vivid CRI90+ colour rendering, wide range of sizes and accessories, smooth and non-flickering dimming and installation accessories that allows for easy removal of fixtures to make maintenance a breeze. We also welcome customization to realise the best project effect. We are always going the extra mile to exceed our client’s expectation.

High Quality Products of Aero Light
Hotel Projects Worldwide
Aero Light has served more than 200 five-star hotel projects worldwide. These iconic and luxurious hotels include New Royal Atlantis Hotel Dubai, Dorchester Collection Dubai, Waldorf Astoria Hotel Maldives, Fours Seasons Bangkok and many more. The continuous development of innovative products through conversation and brain storming sessions with top lighting designers around the world keep us relevant and made Aero one of the preferred choice in hospitality lighting today.
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Focusing on hospitality lighting, Aero has become one of the leading hospitality lighting brands in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. With an eye for detailed, dedicated and caring services for endless pursuit of perfection, Aero has to date accomplished over 200 luxury hotel projects with high praise and trust from hotel owners and lighting designers.
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