ATL Surface Mounted
Auto Tracking Light

From remote to sensor remote, the new Auto Tracking Light (ATL) from Aero is with wireless bluetooth smart control.
1. Precise smart light tracker: ATL can also have accurate and convenient automatic tracking through the wireless bluetooth communication with Auto Tracking Technology.
2. Free Control: ATL fixture or fixtures can be controlled flexibly and easily through APP on the brightness, projection direction, beam angles and color temperature.
3. Multiple scenaries: Easy setting up and smooth switching on various scenaries makes ATL to be specially suitable for Ballroom, Meeting room, Restaurant, Exhibitions and other areas where different scenaries are required for different time and event.


Auto Tracking Light

Surface Mounted

An innovative solution for hotel ballrooms

Powerful | Bluetooth Mesh 

Free APP | Multiple Control Access 

Bluetooth Mesh Communications

With the latest Bluetooth Mesh Technology, Aero ATL can self establish a Wireless Network environment between the installed lights, relaying signals and transferring commands between ATL. Communication Signal remains safe and stable with excellent anti-interference and amazing penetrability.

Multiple Control Access 

ATL, offers a solution, combining motorized lighting, IPS light focusing (Auto Tracking), dimming control and lighting scene setting in one single system.

Aero ATL has 3 ways of controls that turns complicated lighting commissioning to an easy and efficient experience. With our innovative ATL solution, hoteliers could enhance their ballroom service by offer more event lighting scene to cater to end clients' requirements.

Light Tracker

Simply placed the ATL Light Tracker on the table that need to be illuminated, the selected ATL fixture will auto focus on it. Anyone can complete a table focusing task in 10 seconds. All you need is 3 steps, even if you are using our ATL tracker for the first time. Increasing the efficiency of setting up the lightings.

Outstanding optics performance

Our only measurement of excellent light is flawless light effect.

Vivid Colors. Perfectly present

Available Beam

ATL has the narrowest beam angle at 6D. Even when installed on high ceiling, it can still present precise and bright visual impact. Creating a soothing atmosphere with, 

excellent visual effect and comfortable ambiance.

From 24°~50°, It can be changed to suit different events, scenarios, functions or even table size.

Changeable Scenes, freely control colour temperatures

ATL is equipped with tunable white function with CCT range from 1800K to 4000K. 

Ultra smooth transition between different colour temperature changes from meeting 

room to banquet scene seamlessly. Hotels can now switches scene according to 

guest's requirements creating different ambiance fast and efficiently.

Precision Step Motor

Precision Step Motor is one of the key component of Aero ATL. It allowed ATL to precisely control with fast 20D/S adjustments coupled with low noise and fine gears structure give this high heat tempered aluminum engine a durable and long life span.

Tilting and Rotating Range:

Tilting: 0-35°, Rotating: 0~360°


Tilting: 20°/s, rotating: 20°/s





Cut-out (mm)
LED Power
Beam Angle
Installation accessories
Control Method
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