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Hong Kong
AERO LIGHT CO.,LIMITED / info@aerolight.cn / +86(0)20 38031446
naera Hotel Xitang
Jiaxing, China

Co-designed by the renowned lighting designer Martin Klaasen and postmodern interior designer Mr. Jubin, naera Hotel in Xitang is a five-star resort hotel that typifies the rich extreme of the charming soul of Jiangnan and the essence of oriental aesthetics, each of which is a witty reflection of the designers’ inspiration from nature and leads guests into the beautiful picture of the poetic Jiangnan.

The whole building surrounds a 4000 square meter central water-view courtyard where the light and shadow contract finely with each other in the breeze. The  lighting designer created a sense of hierarchy and artistic mood of the courtyard by using the contrast between the light and shade. The light is cleared in an orderly way through the carefully designed light nodes, depicting the exquisiteness and rhythm of the building.

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