Aero Project|Aero Lights Up for the First SHL Hotel in Kunming——Kunming Yulongwan Lakeview Hotel
Published Date: 21 Sep, 2022

Known as the "City of Eternal Spring";

This is the secret place of Spring City;

When oriental taste meets light luxury character;

When minimalism meets rural forests;

Refreshing elegance is always desirable.

On May 1st 2022, Kunming Yulongwan Lake View Hotel, a new member of SLH (Small Luxury Hotel of the World) global luxury boutique hotel alliance, was officially opened, marking the first appearance of the SLH brand in Kunming, Yunnan.


As a Chinese brand focusing on luxury hospitality lighting, Aero Light is honored to bring amazing and perfect lighting effects to the new SLH brand members, providing perfect lighting for its brand style of "exquisite, luxurious and unique" solution.

The hotel is located in the valley of Kunming, Yunnan, overlooking the beautiful lake view of Yulong Bay. Surrounded by 870,000 square meters of lush green forests and rolling mountains, and 200,000 square meters of crystal lake water, Kunming Yulongwan Lakeview Hotel is a paradise of natural beauty.


The architectural design of the hotel is the Canadian agency CENTALAND, and the hotel interior lighting is designed by Norihiko Shinya, the former vice president of Japan's Super Potato Design Company. With the aesthetic taste of oriental ideology, it creates a residence that belongs to Kunming and fits with an ideal life featuring "hidden in the wild".

The hotel features Japanese minimalism with cool neutral tones and wood paneling, paired with minimal and unadorned décor, creating a wood-in-the-wood comfort. In the hotel lobby, the wooden grille supports the floor and ceiling, and the light strips of the Aero AKIN series 2700K are embedded in the ceiling and grille, which are looming. With the large floor-to-ceiling windows for viewing, when the sun shines on the floor of the hotel lobby through the glass windows, the warm rays of light and the fragrance of the trees blow on your face.

As a member of the world's best boutique independent luxury hotel alliance (SLH), Yulongwan Lake View Hotel also adheres to its principle of"small, but the best", and only 5% of applications in the world can be approved. Under the top hotel brand, it provides guests with a unique experience of "unlimited travel, extraordinary enjoyment".

The rooms are another main venue for the meticulous design. Each room has a panoramic view and enjoyment of the lake, which can be said to be a perfect fit for the hotel's name and its surroundings. Inside, Japanese-inspired minimalism effortlessly combines simplicity and luxury: from the large floor-to-ceiling windows to the open patio, cool, neutral tones are paired with wood panelling. To complement the new amenities, the room adopts the design without the main light, with the simple and soft AKIN series light strip, which walks along the grille, bed edge and table top. When night falls, these warm ambient lights will frame the wooden structure of the entire room in perfect shape, creating a sense of ambience.

As a quintessential resort hotel, of course, it offers a variety of experience activities and culinary assistance: from tennis to horseback riding, outdoor hiking to water sports - and the famous Yulong Bay golf course.


After a day of sightseeing, whether it is the lakeside chic afternoon tea in the lobby bar of the hotel, the unique mountain and Dian cuisine in the Chinese restaurant, or the stylish bar, it will create a feast for your taste. In order to create a Yunnan-style taste bud experience, the entire restaurant also adopts Chinese style, with classical grilles + big red blessing characters and lanterns + retro tables and chairs, matched with 2400K ceiling lights and light strips. In such an environment, you will be immersed in the selection of fine wines, and you will be unable to extricate yourself from the gorgeous dining experience.

As a product of nature, Kunming Yulongwan Lake View Hotel adheres to the Confucian ideology that nature should coexist harmoniously, and applies the reverence and respect for nature to the heart of human beings, thus creating this world's prosperity scene.

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