Aero is Looking For Global Distributor
Published Date: 18 Jul, 2022

Aero is an architecture lighting brand that specialized in hospitality lighting, now we are looking for potential regional/country distributor, you are welcome to contact us by email: info@aerolight.cn.

About Aero 

As the leading brand of hospitality lighting, Aero has been focusing on luxury hotel lighting for over 10 years. We have always persisted with independent research and development; provide product customization, technical support, installation instruction and also customer services to excess our customers'expectation.

Till now, we have accomplished more than 200 global luxury hotel projects, our products and services are highly appreciated by hotel owners and lighting designers, and we have become one of the leaders in hospitality lighting industries.


Our Advantage


As the only architecture lighting brand that specialized in luxury hospitality lighting, we has built up luxury hotel customer groups, and we have become the long-term lighting supplier and services provider to the Top 4 hotel management groups in the world, more than 80% of the excellent hospitality lighting designers use Aero lighting fixtures in their design. Aero never stop its innovation and development on products, we keep improving our design and quality after the communication with the lighting designers, and that makes Aero become their first choice.


Aero is not just selling the lighting fixtures, we are selling the product with services. We only focus on luxury hospitality lighting, therefore all development and manufacturing of lighting fixtures are aimed to be used in luxury hotel projects. Our products range cover both indoor and outdoor, and we have more than 28 series that can satisfy the requirement for multiple applications. Wide range of selections on products and diverse customization services would provide high quality and comfortable experiences to our customers.


As one of the most professional hospitality lighting manufacturers in China, Aero has more than 10 years experiences on independent research and development of this area, we have been awarded more than 100 product patents and 5 high-tech products. Our R&D technicians account for 55% of Aero’s employees, our products have been exported to many different regions or countries all over the world with many certifications achieved.


Aero provide competitive costumer service system, we will ensure both products supplying and services providing for our distributors and projects during the whole process of projects. And through the project managing system, we will provide comprehensive support on customer services by managing the official email account or homepage reviews for customers to have quick access to Aero service.


Our Attitude

We're looking for win-win cooperation!

We will ensure both products supplying and services providing for our distributor. As distributor of Aero, you will be one of the most important parts in this system. The products and service provided, the participation in projects and improvements on products can all contribute to increasing the customer satisfaction. The relationship between the distributor and Aero, is not only business partner, but also we share the same goal: to achieve sustainable success for both of us.

Our support

Marketing guidance-- 

we will provide assistance to our partners for local market development,  also we will provide guidance and support for projects follow-up and implementation.

Project Protection --

As the distributor of Aero, we will provide regional/ country protection, complying with the selling price and protection policy. Project reporting system and management mechanism for coordination will be provided, so wen can take the action on market development at the same pace.

Technical support--

Occasional we will provide product, technical or installation training. And we will continued to provide comprehensive guidance and technical support till the project is accomplished.

Advertising support-- 

Aero will continually promoting our products on internet, magazine, exhibition and etc. And we will conduct resource integration, provide products and full material support to our partners during advertising and promotional activities.

After-sales services-- 

Aero have competitive customer service systems and will assistance through the project managing system, we can provide comprehensive support on customer services by managing the official email account or homepage reviews.

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