Aero Light Assists in the Successful Conclusion of the IALD Lighting Academic Forum 2023
Published Date: 23 Dec, 2023

on December 15th, the IALD Lighting Academic Forum 2023 concluded successfully in Shanghai. Over 200 senior industry professionals, including lighting and architectural design experts from both domestic and international backgrounds, as well as members of lighting associations, gathered to share cutting-edge breakthroughs and technological applications in their respective fields, jointly outlining the future development blueprint of "Lighting for Dreams."

Aero Light, as the annual partner of IALD Greater China in 2023, contributed to this professional event, engaging in in-depth exchanges and discussions with various design masters on-site, promoting interdisciplinary integration.


The "A Lighting A Dream" IALD Lighting Academic Forum is an important component of the 2023 annual series of events organized by IALD Greater China. Coordinated with experts in the fields of architecture, interior design, and lighting design, as well as high-quality brands and renowned design universities, the forum aims to promote industry collaboration in the trend of integrated development in production, learning, and research. Through professional exchange activities such as young talent exchanges, creative challenges, and academic forums, the forum seeks to broaden the recognition and co-prosperity of the importance of professional lighting design, and to share the beauty of the times, realizing more future dreams with light.


Mr. Uno Lai, the coordinator of IALD Greater China and Founder of Uno Lai Design Group (ASIA), expressed that 2023 may be the starting year for the next five years. After experiencing years of hardship, uncertainty, and fluctuations, various industries may need to actively adapt and upgrade. Light not only guides people's direction but also inspires and encourages people's dreams and courage for the future. The development of lighting design requires adherence to beliefs, confidence, breakthrough actions, and resilient growth.


The forum's theme focused on the most discussed topics, inviting senior industry experts to share cutting-edge breakthroughs and practical applications in their respective fields. The event revolved around seven major themes: "Health - Human Factors," "From Urban Landmarks to Urban Renewal," "High-rise Living - Sustainable Vertical Communities," "Skytowns," "How to Enhance User Experience," "Customized Lighting - From Design Concept to Implementation," and "Exploring New Opportunities in Urban Renewal."


Renowned experts in related fields were invited to share in-depth insights, exploring the direction, significance, and future of lighting design practices from multiple dimensions.

As the only live online segment open to the public, the roundtable forum focused on the interactive theme "New Opportunities in Urban Renewal," inviting seven experts to exchange ideas. Through the live platform of professional design media Sina Home, the event was open to more designers who were unable to attend in person, with a total of 121,500 views. The forum is committed to exploring new opportunities in urban renewal, inspiring the improvement of technological reserves and innovation capabilities, promoting industry applications and industrial development, and providing an endless source of power for the construction of a new model of integration between design and technology, and technology and art.


The cooperation between Aero Light and IALD has a long history. As a brand focusing on lighting for five-star hotels, Aero Light has always adhered to being "guardians of light," dedicated to providing professional lighting solutions for global five-star hotel clients.


"We focus on the growth of young design talent." The 2023 "1+N University Program" student certificates and scholarships. They all expressed that as lighting design professional students, this program has given them more motivation and confidence to contribute to the future of lighting design.


At the event, the head of Aero Light's marketing and promotion stated, "The theme of IALD is highly consistent with the philosophy of Aero Light. We hope that through extensive cooperation and exchanges within and outside the industry, we can find ways to break through and integrate, in order to better cope with the challenges encountered in future competition and development. We also believe that all the glimmers will eventually converge, and dreams will eventually illuminate!"


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