Aero Project|Bayan Tree Nanjing Garden Expo, Unveiled in the secret land of Mine Valley
Published Date: 15 Nov, 2021

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts redefines holidays,

Secret land of Mine Valley redefines landscapes,

Built in a mine valley hidden among cascading cliffs, a secret heaven takes shape,

Let’s welcome Banyan Tree Nanjing Garden Expo.

Banyan Tree Nanjing Garden Expo, China’s second quarry-based hotel located in Nanjing’s new landmark Garden Expo Park, officially opened its door to welcome guests recently. Lying in the Longquan Quarry in the Mine Valley of the Park, the hotel was built surrounded by cliffs. The designer reshaped the abandoned limestone quarry in Tangshan, taking advantage of natural elements in this place, such as light, rock, forest, and rain. A hotel hidden by a cascading cliff-top waterfall has come into being, with an extremely rare view of "secret land of a mine valley".

This marks the third premium boutique hotel opening at Nanjing Garden Expo Park, which adopts superior lighting solutions provided by Aero Lighting, joining Radisson Collection Resort Nanjing and Hotel Indigo Nanjing Garden Expo. It’s a great honor for Aero Light to be the lighting supplier and service provider for the Banyan Tree in this secret land of Mine Valley for the guestrooms and public areas, which endeavors to bring premium modern indoor lighting and incredible experience with long-term focus on the custom hospitality lighting, superior products and professional onsite services.



The Banyan Tree provides an opportunity to stay in signature secret natural land, rural villages or pure land on mountains in highly sought-after locations worldwide. Continuing the brand’s pioneering concept of “restoring nature and co-existing in harmony”, Banyan Tree Nanjing Garden Expo was designed based on the natural geographic features of the mine valley, fusing historical heritage with Banyan Tree’s philosophy of creating a physical and mental sanctuary. The towering buildings aloft supported by steel structures can well avoid damages to plants in the valley to the greatest extent. Viewed from afar, the hotel looks like part of the valley, naturally born from the cliffs. This eco-friendly oasis in the valley is a tribute to the original intention of the Banyan Tree brand.





The 115 guest rooms in the hotel all boast views of the mine valley in the west. The corridors built with marble and glass windows offer an experience of walking in the mountains, while the application of natural materials like logs for roofs and rough stones for walls seamlessly draws a vague line between guestrooms and outdoor natural landscapes. The minimalist design style is paired with the display of customized furniture and works of art with industrial touches in guestrooms, while downlights on the ceiling along with strip lights and linear lights all over the room sketch the contours of the room and interior decoration, shaping a peaceful and relaxing space. The terrace outside the floor-to-ceiling glass window can also serve as a half-open space for living, with green plants echoing with the cliff garden outside the window. The boundary between artificial space and natural landscape becomes blurred, leading to a true escape on a natural and infinite land.




The dining space features a style in line with the design concept of the hotel, created based on the immersive destination-based catering philosophy. The Lobby Lounge, the all-day dining restaurant, and the Chinese restaurant are all designed to offer new sensory experiences, leveraging natural elements, like lights and shadows, sky and earth, sunshine and rainfalls, etc. outside the windows. The Lobby Lounge attracts natural light via giant floor-to-ceiling glass windows, while soft and warm lighting comes out from the cocoon-shaped art installation right in the middle of the space, shining on the floor casted with natural light. Looking like glittering light on water, this scene indicates the approaching of “change” and “new life”. It is noteworthy that the Rooftop Garden on the 9th floor provides guests with destination-themed dinners, allowing them to share precious and romantic moments with beloved ones, or stay with family members or friends to uncover the fun of a journey.





The award-winning Banyan Tree Spa, which is a long-term signature of the brand, boasts a semi-open circular space, with a secret and tranquil ambience in response to the light and earth-tone interior decoration. Aroma from the floral pathways along the cliffs floats into the spa center, adding natural touches to the facility. The Resort has 11 indoor and outdoor hot spring pools in capacious spaces. The pool water flows from Tangshan geothermal wellsprings that have gained water quality certifications from both Europe and Japan. Take a dip in the medicinal hot water and relax in the embrace of the natural wonders of the mine valley. Guests can also experience wellbeing facilities offered by the Hotel, including Banyan Tree Spa, Gym, indoor panoramic swimming pool, and Yoga Studio, as well as the Rangers’ Club, a place for children to immerse themselves in all sorts of fun and DIY activities.




As a new hot-spring wellbeing and resort destination, the opening of Banyan Tree Nanjing Garden Expo will further uplift the restorative sanctuary experiences in Nanjing, a historic capital of dynasties. As an international brand focusing on hospitality lighting, Aero light is very lucky and honored to serve for this hotel.

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