Aero Project| Aero Light graces the lighting glamour of Hotel Indigo Nanjing Garden Expo
Published Date: 01 Nov, 2021

Hotel Indigo Nanjing Garden Expo is now open! No two neighborhoods are alike. Neither are any two Hotel Indigo® properties. When you stay with Hotel Indigo properties, you’re not just staying anywhere, you’re staying somewhere—within a vibrant community, in a unique boutique hotel that combines characteristic neighborhood stories with authentic local experiences.

It’s a great honor for Aero Light to be the lighting supplier and service provider for guestrooms and public areas of Holte Indigo Nanjing Garden Expo, which endeavors to grace the lighting glamour of this mining peace land with long-term focus on the hospitality lighting sector, superior products and professional onsite services.

Among the six upscale luxury resorts and hotels housed in Nanjing Tangshan Garden Expo Park so far, Aero Lighting has been reportedly the supplier of lighting fixtures for four five-star hotels out of them (Hotel Indigo, Banyan Tree, Radisson Collection Hotel and Voco Hotel), proving its strength as a Chinese brand committed to offering premium hospitality lighting solutions.


Located in the middle of the Purple East Central Area of Nanjing Tangshan Garden Expo Park, where used to be a mining land, Hotel Indigo Nanjing Garden Expo has its space shaped by stone scenes. Inspired by spiritual mountains and rocks nearby, the designer uses ore rock as a design element for the entire hotel. The excavated ore walls connect the past with the present, while scattered flowers, trees, waterways, and stones are distributed in the form of courtyards, enlightened by the design of the Garden Expo Park, leading guests to a journey to explore the hotel as a mining tranquil land hidden in the wild. 

Stepping into the hotel, guests start a journey to probe into characteristic landscapes filled with stones. A road paved with scattered stones leads guests all the way up, echoing with a rock garden not far away. The front gate of the hotel is shaded by a water curtain with mottled reflections of pine trees, surrounded by glistening white rocks. Through the mosaic glass in the lobby, sunlight joins the crystal columns, colorful glazed stone walls and ore folding top of the lobby, making the whole lobby more dazzling and gorgeous.


Waterways and pathways, paved with cobblestones, are distributed in the garden in the Atrium of the hotel, with a granite bridge. The cultured-stone façade is embellished with some Obsidians. Here, guests can overlook the flower terrace in the distance, or enjoy the sight of the winding pathways in the courtyard nearby. The southern-style wooden sloping eaves are fused with neat and tidy modern design, illuminated by the design of the Garden Expo Park.


The hotel’s 86 guest rooms are orderly distributed around the rock garden built with ore rock walls. In the balconies of seven peaceful and private villas in the hotel, guests can overlook picturesque views of the valley and garden for the whole year.

Staying in guest rooms, designed to combine with mineral elements and recall neighborhood stories, guests can hear the song of birds and smell the fragrance of flowers. Every corner and detail of the rooms reflect the personality of distinguished guests, offering modern and cozy space for staying, combined with industrial art. The appropriate warm-toned light creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for your stay, along with superior facilities in the rooms.



Restaurants in the hotel also continue the design philosophy of “mining peace land hidden in the wild” for the hotel, presenting characteristic dining ambience for guests. The MAI all day dining restaurant is designed based on the tent of geologists stationed in the mine base. The immersive scene experience is matched with the authentic food cooked by the chef, presenting the taste of the neighborhood. The terrace of the dining room allows diners to directly observe the shock of sunrise, and bring surprise to explore the neighborhood scenery. The Lounge serves authentic local delicacies, sophisticatedly made refreshments and specially prepared cocktails. The Tea House in the Atrium surrounded by waterways is a perfect venue for elegant gathering and tasting tea placidly.


The banquet hall, multi-function room and VIP room of the hotel continue the design style of mineral elements, which are ideal places for holding distinguished business meetings and social events. The ore folding interface with an omni-coverage ceiling and natural light bring out the best of each other, adding a landscape of starry sky to the space when night falls, and inspiring event participants.

The most amazing swimming pool, which is made of color mineral and the rock wall color deduce the beauty of ore together. The walls around the swimming pool are embedded with ore samples collected by geologists, turning the pool into a museum. The ore-toned pool and cliff-shaped walls present the beauty of minerals. At night, you can look up at the bright led swimming pool lights inground on the top of the pool to explore your own. Encircled by ore samples, you will be touched by the magical mingling of the past with the present.

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